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Welcome to our website: We do hope we have provided all the information within our site as you need to help you find a Great Cocker Spaniel Puppy.

We are located in the Ozarks of Missouri just west of Springfield MO. We are blessed to have a spacious property where we are able to provide large housing for all of our dogs and have the space to provide a large state of the art nursery, Grooming Facility, Delivery room and an infirmary for our pups needing special care.

We have lots of room for our dogs to exercise and they are protected by our Bio Secure facility plan and process.

My wife and I grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma, where we were childhood friends and high school sweethearts and, of course, we had our Cocker Spaniels. In looking back we have had Cocker Spaniels in our lives now for over 60 years. We love our Cockers, feeling there is nothing better than a well bred Cocker Spaniel for people to have, love and own. Which brings us to the reason why we started breeding Cocker Spaniels.

We noticed over the years there was a serious problem with the quality of the dogs being produced.  Remember,  Quality is not determined by Dog Show wins.   The quality of the dog is in its ability to do the things it was bred to do and how it should behave. The “Merry Cocker Spaniel” to us had gone missing. We found dogs to have been so inbred they were unhealthy, mean, non-responsive and not the sharpest pencil in the drawer if you know what I mean.

We discussed this and decided we would try our very best to bring the Cocker Spaniel we new as children back through careful breeding selection, health care and excellent nutrition. So the Odyssey begins: Once we started looking for that perfect Cocker Spaniel we quickly discovered how poorly many places provided for the dogs, it became evident as to why these purebred dogs, not just Cocker Spaniels were having problems but all purebred dogs were having problems. (Just to clarify some use the phrase “line breeding” opposed to what it actually is and that is “inbreeding”).

Our Breeding focus is
1. No inbreeding in the family tree.
2. The dog must be of good Health.
3. The dog family must demonstrate the skills and physical and mental abilities for which the breed was developed. (Intelligence)
4. The dog must demonstrate proper temperament Cocker Spaniel are known for. (The Merry Cocker Spaniel)

I must tell you we travelled high and low, we visited all types of breeding facilities, good, bad and horrible.
Please remember this comment is simply “our” opinion at the outset, we have learned a lot since our initial learning phase. We quickly learned there was a lot more to this than originally met the eye of the inexperienced beholder.

We learned there are people out there that want to hurt the dogs and destroy any opportunity for a child, a family or individual to have and own a wonderful Cocker Spaniel. We also learned in the business of raising dogs there are lines drawn of opposing mean spirited groups that are not really concerned for the health and well-being of the animals and, at times, could be dangerous to each other.

Finally, we found our Foundation Stud Dog whose name was “Bo Mo Puppy”.   A few months later we found our first girl “Molly Be Good”,  Both wonderful Cocker Spaniels and more than likely your new puppy will have a little bit of them in their family tree.

Over the years we have found that it had become necessary to become involved with breed clubs and political action groups, and others to help defend the rights of all now and future generations to preserve the right to have and own a companion animal of your choice. I have served as President several terms for the oldest breed club in Missouri, The Concerned Dog Breeders of the Ozarks.   I have served many years on the board of directors of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association. I founded the Professional Kennel Club of Missouri, made numerous speaking engagements and educational talks nationwide.  We have participated in the political process and either organized or participated in various demonstrations to preserve our rights as animal owners. We have assisted untold numbers of breeders in learning the standards of kennel management and assisted them in obtaining the proper licensing required by both state and federal agencies.

We are  USDA and Missouri licensed and are in good standing with both. We also enjoy an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau,  a rating not earned by only but a few Class A kennels in the United States.

And through this all we do have enemies from the special interest groups who will post and say anything, to hurt our good name and reputation.

In their dreams, they are hopeful to destroy the opportunity for you and your future family members to have and own a dog.   I will promise you, I will never back away and allow this to happen as long as I live. So without further adieu lets go see some puppies!  Click HERE to see the puppies

God Made Cockers

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