Bonus Value

We feel that it is important everyone looking for a Cocker Spaniel needs to know the difference of our program and others:

We call our Value Added Customer Service and Puppy Care program the “Bonus Value © Package”

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This is the Bonus Value © Package:   BVP   

Bonus Value Package
Item Description Cocker-Spaniels.comOthers 
Preventive Parasite TreatmentsYes "Four" treatments Normally one
Kennel Cough ShotsYes "Two" Before 8 weeks of ageOne or none is normal
Sub Type B High Titer Parvo ShotYes "Two" Before they are 8 weeks Seldom if ever
5 Way Puppy ShotsYes Minimally "Two" before the puppy leavesOne is normal for most
De-WormingYes Four Treatments by 8 WeeksOnce on average
Health Certified By a VetAlwaysOnly for puppies crossing state lines
Complete Professional printed Health recordAlwaysNormally Not
Puppy is Bathed, Ears Cleaned, toe nails and pads done and ready to go AlwaysSometimes
Transportation travel Crate New Clean Professionally preparedAlwaysPot Luck
Transportation Booking and confirmations provided with airport DirectionsAlwaysNormally you are on your own
House Training LessonsAlwaysNormally Not
Letter of suggested Health care instructions for buyers VetAlwaysNormally Not
Provide Ear Care ManualAlwaysNo
Membership in Private Cocker Spaniel ClubAlwaysNo Others we are aware of
Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee for life threatening issues AlwaysNormally Not
Safety Net Re Homing for the life of the dogAlwaysNormally Not
Assistance finding a Local VetAlwaysSeldom or No
Puppies are Micro Chipped AlwaysSeldon or No
Assist if pup is lost or StolenAlwaysSeldom or No
Registration Papers with Pedigree sent with the puppyAlwaysSeldom or No

We hope you understand the value we bring to the table.  It is important that you have an excellent experience with our puppies and they with you for many, many years.

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