The Ear Care Manual

The Cocker Spaniel Ear Care Manual   The Best $14.95 you will ever spend for your dog and your pocketbook!

We have been raising Cocker Spaniels for over twenty years and during this time we have developed the very best ear care and treatment program for Cocker Spaniels. (Actually all dogs)

It seems almost every day we have several people calling and wanting to know the secrets to good ear health for Cocker Spaniels.

We believe that is it not an acceptable option for you to be paying repeated vet bills for a treatments that seldom work and we find that it is simply awful and unacceptable for a Cocker Spaniel or any dog to suffer with the pain of an ear ache or lose his hearing as a result of gimmick treatments.

Our treatment is suitable for all dogs not just Cocker Spaniels, so if you have a Springer or a Cavalier King Charles or  Lab with ear problems this will take care of it.

We have been seeing a formula floating around the Internet (Advertising a cure) The formula uses “Boric Acid” Please stop and think and ask yourself this question: “Would I pour Acid into my childs ear or my own?” of course not, so do not put it in your dogs ears!

Please place your order here. * Due to the number of people calling and ordering with dogs that have a ear problem “RIGHT NOW” we will download the Manual promptly

Your electronic copy will arrive in your email box shortly.

Once you receive your copy and should you have “Any Questions” or need instructions on any part of the ear treatment process we are available for your calls.

You will be saving a ton of money and Your Pup will have Healthy Ears!

Tell me what could be better?