November 20, 20174

We were visited by the USDA for a un announced routine inspection today.  Attending was our local USDA Animal Care Inspector and as a Bonus we we visited by the USDA  Veterinary Officer, Always a pleasure to have these folks stop by, Professionalism at its best.  Following an extensive review of each and every adult and puppy on the property and a a very solid review of all of our administrative processes we are please to announce we have once again earned a perfect inspection score. These perfect scores are due to the hard work and high standards we require  of ourselves and our crew.   Great job! to Our Kennel Management and staff.  you guys are the best!

September 23, 2017

Another Agility Champion “Nellie”   Day 1 of DOCNA Agility Nationals On her way Becoming a National Champion  Go Nellie Go! 

August 28, 2017

The USDA APHIS Division Inspectors visited today for a routine inspection, We are pleased to report we have received another perfect inspection score. USDA inspections are very extensive and detailed covering every aspect of Kennel management and animal husbandry care. In addition the USDA has an extensive administrative requirement for animal husbandry operations in additions to cleanliness and health standards compliance that are the most demanding regulations and standards to be found anywhere inn the world.  We are pleased to have again earned our perfect score through hard work and attention to detail, demonstrated by our Kennel Manager and our professional staff.   

April 5, 2016

The USDA inspection corps visited this morning.  They conducted a very exhausting evaluation of every aspect of animal husbandry and population management as well as an extensive review of administrative polices and procedures.  At the end of the visit, and following a excellent verbal briefing of the results, The USDA awarded Joe Overlease, Owner of C&J Cockers,, a Perfect score on the performance evaluation/inspection, this is the fourth consecutive perfect inspection from the USDA  Since being required to be a license holder by the USDA.   We are pleased to be among the best breeders in the world having earned these performance awards.  We are blessed to have a management team and staff dedicated to excellence always putting the care of our animals first in every instance.    When you are looking to buy a puppy please make sure you always buy from a legal and licensed breeder look for these logos’s


December 23, 2015 of Miller MO secured another 100.0 % Missouri State Dept of Agriculture Inspection extending the string of 100.0 % inspections now for several years.  Joe Overlease Owner said This year’s inspection was very special for us.  Missouri had came out with several new regulations designed to torment breeders and put them out of business financed by the HSUS.  Politicians are cheap in Missouri.  The breeders were hit with requirements that cost thousands of dollars that actually have made it dangerous for some of the breeds.  The regulations were not based on any scientific study nor did the State of Missouri feel compelled to conduct any studies to support these expensive and in many cases lowering of standards.  Of course Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS supported these changes why wouldn’t? After all he paid for them  with unsuspecting donors money.   At the end of the day we scored another perfect inspection. The inspectors comments were: “This facility meets and exceeds all State of Missouri 2016 regulations and standards!”

I do want of Congratulate our crew for their hard work and dedication.   Helping us be one of the best kennels in the world every day.   It has never been about politics  it is always about the dogs care and well-being every day.  Our Mission our focus and our statement  “It is always about the dogs!”

November 10, 2015

We have been following this site for several months. It is an interesting collection of how the Animal Rights Organizations fail to do as they say.  I hope you take a few minutes to read and follow the stories of fraud and corruption.

May 7,2015

Joe Overlease owner of earned his third 100.0 %  USDA inspection/Evaluation of his kennel facilities, health care program, cleanliness and administrative process required by the USDA.   USDA Kennel Standards are the highest in the world, second to none.  We are very pleased with our results put forth by our crew and our family members who work very hard every day to make sure we are the best Cocker Spaniel Breeder in the world.

March 31, 2015

Due to the shortage of quality Cocker Spaniels we are making it possible for you to  place your order in advance.

To secure you puppy opportunity please call 417-452-2781  (Litter Pick)

March 31, 2015

Joe Overlease, owner of just returned from meetings with other industry professionals at Purdue University.  Mr. Overlease was invited to participate in the National Standards study for Kennels engaged in raising companion animals for America’s families.  Mr. Overlease is well known in the industry for high standards and his willingness to fight poor legislation that may actually be harmful to the successful care and housing of companion animals.  Last year he was congratulated by USDA Veterinarians for having the finest collection of well socialized, healthy, Cocker Spaniels  the USDA inspector of 30 years had ever seen.

The Standards program is being seen as a work in progress and final releases of specific standards and guideline will be released following proper scientific study to support the guidelines.  Unlike in the past and as evident in most laws where there have been zero scientific studies to establish the actual needs and care standards for the animals. Up until now it has been purely emotional input from well-funded Animal Rights Activist, who are not concerned for the health and well-being of any companion animals, often resulting in the deaths of thousands of animals.

March 24. 2015

State Inspection Scores  C&J Cockers was inspected by the State of Missouri on March 24th.  The inspection was rated a 100.0% inspection with zero deficiencies.  This inspection score of 100.0 extends the perfect inspections now for several years.

The Last Inspection conducted on this facility was by the USDA, The facility scored a 100.0% Compliance report at that time.  Note inspections standards vary from state to federal increasing the difficulty of perfect scores.    Outstanding performance making C&J one of the top kennels in the United States.